mtraina Wrote:
Mar 12, 2013 8:34 PM
CORRUPT CHARTER SCHOOLS UNDER-REPORTING-> STUDENTS SKIPPING SCHOOL! Who is looking for all the STUDENTS who are MISSING from CHARTER SCHOOLS across America each and every day? Charter Schools across the U.S. continue to CHARGE American Tax Payers for STUDENTS who "NEVER EVER" attend SCHOOL! FACT: Tax Payers pay Charter Schools for each Student who attends School each day. The Pay Scale is over $8,000 per year for Regular Education Students and over $18,000 per year for each Special Education Student. That's over $40 per Student per Day for Regular Education Students and over $90 per Student per day for Special Education Students! FACT: State & Federal Law Prohibits Charter Schools from Charging the State for Students who fail to show up f