Storm13 Wrote:
Mar 12, 2013 3:49 PM
The hypocrisy here is phenomenal. Kelly bitches and moans to congress about the need for more gun control then goes out and buys a 1911 .45 handgun, an AR-15 and addtional "high capacity magazines" Bad enough he's a hypocrite, but when confronted by for verification, the lying sack of sh** goes on his facebook page before can break the story and says he did it to show how easy it is to by guns without background checks and that he's going to give the AR to the police. A) Who buys a $1500+ AR and just gives it to the police. B) Why isn't he giving the 1911 .45 handgun to the police? C) Does this assclown actually believe for one minute that we don't know he's trying to cover his @ss?