FClass1 Wrote:
Mar 12, 2013 3:32 PM
Yay, we caught her because she was DUMB enough to say on TV that she voted twice. Made 'em actually look at it. Found out she voted "at least" six times. Unless every precinct took 100s of man hours to sort all ballots into alpha order and manually review the names, you'd NEVER know how rampant fraud may be. And they don't unless there's a recount or something like this where it gets challenged. You'd never know how many fraudulent ballots may or may not have been cast. Yes, it may be an inconvenience to all those people without any form of state issued ID to have to go out & get one, but so what? It's not that much of an inconvenience and everyone should have an ID anyway. How else are you supposed to buy beer?