Rich from Paso Wrote:
Mar 11, 2013 11:44 AM
There are few, not many, positive contributions from energy, commerce, labor, education, and HUD. Those value added things, like the BLS, NOAA (yes, NOAA is in the Commerce dept), should be moved into a new Dept of Human Services. This new Department would be the combination of HUD, Commerce, Labor, HUD, Education and the non-medical part of the VA. Energy has to stay (they own the nuclear material in the DoD missiles) but combine that with the Dept of Transportation and the technical half of Commerce (like NIST) to form a new Department of Energy, Transportation, and Technology. VA medicine would get merged into a new Dept of Health. Ag and Interior should merge as well. This would reduce the government footprint from 16 down to 9 depts.