Jerome41 Wrote:
Mar 10, 2013 10:22 PM
One, we weren't founded upon Judeo-Christian principles, at all. Not the least bit. There is no freedom of speech, press, due process and especially religion in the bible. IN fact, if you worship another god in the bible, you get the death penalty. Second, what does the 10 Commdaments say? Have no other gods. Violation of the First AMendment if enacted into law. Honor the Sabbath. Violation of the First Amendment. NO graven images. Yep, violation of the First Amendment. The Constitution has no basis at all from the bible. It's a comnplete myth. Bill, if people don't want to worship your myth that does not make them narcissists. But you should know Bill about narcisism, nobody has a bigger ego then you do. Also, talking about self