mcgrmnsty Wrote:
Mar 09, 2013 2:53 AM
What about the NDAA that the anti-American-Communist-Marxist-Socialist-Obama-admin is trying in an all-out desperate effort, To overrule a pro-US-American-USC-Federal-Judge's, correct-proper-pro-USC-ruling, blocking of the "NDAA's US-citizen-detention-provision !" Which Obama outrageously-covertly-treasonously-signed into law during the height of the 2011 end of year holiday season, Dec-31-2011 ! Can you believe the "Fake-Phoney-Fraudness" of that kind of anti-American move on the part of the B-Obamination-POTUS ! We must not be tricked-fooled by the NWO, Federal-Reserve-Geithner-CIA-Soros-backed-NDAA-promoting-passing-defending, "Highly-Covert-Secret-Hidden-Agenda-Driven-Communist-Marxist-Socialist-anti-US-American-B-Hussein-Obama !"