MarineGunner Wrote:
Mar 08, 2013 2:18 PM
Correct. The military is not an "employer" and serving in the military is not a "job." The military is a fighting force created to protect our nation and our way of life against enemy combatants. The function of military force members is to close with and destroy the enemy. This is not a social soiree, it is massive destruction and death dealt out with lightning speed and gargantuan force. When a 120 lb woman closes with a 250 lb man in combat, he is going to grab her by her skinny neck, take her rifle away from her like a parent taking a toy from a misbehaving child, slap her unconscious and stuff her in his backpack so he can have fun with her later. If she's lucky, he will just gut her with one swipe of his bayonet and leave her to die.