jmg11 Wrote:
Mar 08, 2013 2:05 AM
(1/2) You cannot get to morally valid action by starting with a moral crime. On March 8, exactly one month since Mrs. Chavez’ self-immolation, she returns to sap conservatives' energy by repeating arguments that were refuted long ago. It is an Alinsky tactic; when defeated, keep yapping, and your betters will let you win. Thanks, Mrs. Chavez for, “These earlier immigrants came to America much like the illegal immigrants of the past few decades....." As you know, this is a slander on “these earlier immigrants.” Our aliens consciously, purposefully, willfully paid thousands of dollars to SNEAK INTO and LEECH OFF the best country God ever gave mankind. They deserve to leave. Pronto. They should never be eligible for citizenship because:..