Dobermite Wrote:
Mar 05, 2013 12:37 PM
As a veteran of the Reagan revolution who has watched the movement be co-opted by Bushism and has watched the new Rockefeller Republicans, as represented by Karl Rove and his lackey's in the pretend conservative media, INCLUDING FOX NEWS, seek to re-define conservatism to mean whatever they want it to mean and whatever suits their political purpose, I must say this column was a real breath of fresh air and I hope people will heed its wisdom. As for Fox News, even Hannity was sucking up to Jeb Bush last night, and its been quite embarrassing watching him suck up to Karl Rove too, or as Hannity affectionately calls him, "the architect", and he shilled for Romney during the primaries too. He knows not to bite the hand (FNC) that feeds him.