petroleum engineer Wrote:
Mar 05, 2013 12:00 PM
What's new about the GOP hierarchy anywhere? I served some 40 years ago as a member of a State Republican party. I was a guy from out of the audience that gave a farly large sum of money to the pary. Boy, what I learned about the inner workings of Party politics. It is all old crony relationships - "Good old Joe is the nephew of Govenor sos and so. He can bring in votes." or "Annabelle's grandmother was wifer of Senator DSo and So back in the 50s. Give her a committe post". After 2 years I threw i the twoel and have never given a dime to the GOP since - I pick my candidates. The Tea Party is the answer to cleaning up the trah in the GOP. I am sure the same patteern exists in the Democratic Party, however, their mold is different