Charlie80 Wrote:
Mar 05, 2013 10:29 AM
A reduced number of TSA agents = longer lines due to fewer "trained professionals" taking MORE time groping grandma and children and disabled veterans............and letting OBVIOUS TARGETS through, because (OMG) we don't want to appear to be PROFUCKINGFILING!!! Aaaaaah, hey Janet, you unqualified (s)kank - have you ever heard of/read/researched/googled the Israeli model of PROFILING to ensure flight security? You know how many problems they have had on flights? Look it up cupcake. And if you'd put down those water buckets you are carrying for Soetoro, you could move your big butt faster doing it. News flash JANET - Barry isn't getting a THIRD TERM. You are going to be out of a job AND unemployable due to the stench around you.