Kevin32 Wrote:
Mar 05, 2013 7:41 AM
then it comes as no suprise to you, that it has happend again, and this time it is much worst! all you have to do is read the papers to tell how bad it is, and there only telling us 1/4 of the whole story and only 1/2 of the truth! one other point, did you forget about 9/11? and the little fact that we were atacked? and at the time, the whole Country was screaming for justice? not just the left, but also the right! then politics got in the way, and the Country elected a fraud! that has sealed every record of his life! and thru it all your side has been trying to teat this as a crime! and not a war! it you folks were in charge 70yrs ago, we would all be speaking German in the east, and Japanese in the west!