Biggbear51 Wrote:
Mar 05, 2013 6:07 AM
After reading only a couple lines of this drivel. It it ever obvious just what this unamerican has in mind. His lips move yet nonsense exudes profusely. His entire plan since 1994 when he decided to run for the senate was, still is to get into the oval office and spend the country into ruin. He believe WE THE PEOPLE of the U.S are personally responsible for the marauding of the planet. This idea is flawed from the start as history shows time in memorium that it has always been, always shall be: the survival of the fittest. That most certainly is not going to change now. I pray for this poor lost soul daily. I know in my heart he will never see the light as he has been puppetised to not care but for what he wants. Total oneself.