DariusIII Wrote:
Mar 04, 2013 12:35 PM
"Anomaly"?? This anomaly went on for 400 years- about the same length of time North America has been settled by Europeans. And unless the Medieval world was burning an awful lot of wood, we humans had nothing to do with it. And note that one serious outbreak of vulcanism could turn the world into an icicle- or do you not recall 'Eighteen Hundred and froze to death" the world after the eruption of Mt. Tambora (one Indonesian volcano) in 1815. It snowed in Chicago on the fourth of July. Re answers: secular means long term trend- from economics. And #8 "Likely more,,," You want to base a world changing economic system on "LIKELY"??? And I doubt the Brazilian farmers or American commuters are being swayed by a minor league blogger.