Christopher429 Wrote:
Mar 04, 2013 11:44 AM
As a former CALYAF State Director from 1985-1995 I saw and tried to fight against the takeover of CPAC and YAF by the DC Conservative Powerbrokers..exemplified by the ACU and the spawn of YAF the Young Americans Foundation. We tried to stop the Beltwayers and their GOP no avail....Just go back to the Reagan Bush days....follow the money of the SPONSORS of it...and the groups who bought vendor tables and dinner tables... Moonies and various Subsets and frontgroups of it had a MAJOR control of the Conventions.....and the Christian groups coalescing for letterhead placement, photo-ops and checks... I left the charade in 95.... since then the ACU has Assimilated CPAC and YAFoundation and co-opted YAFreedom...Animal Farm!