Esther46 Wrote:
Mar 04, 2013 1:21 AM
Bloomers and Schmucker are starting to feel the effects of the seeds they have sown. These two commies are so entrenched with their over-control, filth and demented, warped policies that the people are speaking up. Nothing would please me more than to read of their pusses being plastered with rotten fruit for their rotten regulations. Intimidation by their armed muscle-thugs, insulting New Yorkers with the ground-zero mosque, disarming the citizens of N.Y and encouraging the W.S. occupiers. They have been changing the once mighty city of N.Y. into a ghetto of disintegration and shame. I grade them both with an F- and hope that all New Yorkers will vote them out of office so the citizens can rebuild their city and pride!