dashersdad Wrote:
Mar 03, 2013 11:10 AM
Man would I have been in trouble in today's bizzaro world. I used to cut out pictures of guns and tape them to my bedroom door when I was a kid. All kinds of deadly weapons. From M-1's to Colt six shooters and everything in between. Guess I should have been committed to an insane asylum. And, my family was not a gun family as a kid. We never had any guns at all other than my "Mattel Fanner Fifty" and some other toys. Different story now. For now anyway. Well, forever. Clueless radical left wing extremist demokkkrat scumbags are trying to subvert the Bill of Rights. Hey clowns. It isn't the Bill of Needs. Still waiting for an explanation as to how any of the proposals will stop the bad guys. Crickets @ 140db.