SERH22 Wrote:
Mar 03, 2013 10:46 AM
Over-all, you have good points in your article, but it's not all accurate. First of all, it was not just Former Mayor Ray Nagins fault in the Hurricane Katrina screw-up. Former Mayor Kathleen Blanco had just as much a part in that as Nagin. They were basically having a personal pissing contest. Two Dems screwed that ND up when it could've been avoided, had they listened to President Bush's pleas to get everyone out. Fields of school buses not being used. Plenty of time to get everyone out. President Bush jumped through hoops to get proper federal help and funding, calling it a natural disaster before-hand, to avoid deaths. Former MS. (R) Gov. H. Barbour, worked with Bush, and Mississippi was hit harder by the actual hurricane. - FACT !!!