Gary634 Wrote:
Mar 03, 2013 7:57 AM
This is so immature I am ashamed to have been born in 1961! When they shut down the government because the two sides couldn't agree on a budget, the U.S. Lilly-Livered-Left-Wing-American-Media blamed George W. Bush and said it was because he was president. My how the talk changes, when one, who they kiss up to is in office!! Not only that, Obama has already spent four years, blaming his predecessor for his own inneptness, which is novel, for the president. Ike didn't blame Truman/FDR, JFK/LBJ didn't blame Ike, Nixon didn't blame his predecessors, nor did Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton or Bush, Jr. It's only Obama (the one, who blew the national debt into the stratosphere, who takes no responsibility for his actions.!