Victor191 Wrote:
Mar 03, 2013 4:22 AM
My beloved state of Texas, where I was born and live to this day is controlled by liberal scum. Governor Rick Perry was a cheer leader for Al Gore back in the 1980's and he is better known as "Mr. Trans Texas Corridor". But it gets better, our state congressional house is controlled by it's 5th term speaker Mr. Joe Straus. Straus works hand in glove with Perry to undermine our state, a tag team. Last year we had a majority of reps that were voting to throw TSA out of our airports and let them grope somewhere else. But Perry and Straus rigged the playing field so that it would have taken an 80% majority to do it. Until that glorious day when Texas voters pay attention to how these people vote as opposed to the magic "R" next to their name.