dmoel Wrote:
Mar 03, 2013 12:40 AM
And what is the "real story"? The muslim world has been a pain in our backsides from the earliest days of the rebublic when the US Marines, in their first-ever overseas expidetion, went to Tripoli to shut down the Barbary pirates (muslims, all)....Our next exposure to the "Religion of Peace" was WW I- the muslim Ottoman empire was allied with Germany & Austria-Hungary (the enemy).... After that, western companies discovered oil in the deserts of the middle east, developed the fields only to have them 'nationalized' (stolen) by the muslims...In WW II, the muslim states declared themselves neutral; all the while assisting the Nazis (they hated Jews, too); remember how Iran got it's name?? Iran is farsee for 'Aryian" (a gift from 'ol Uncle Ado