Parker01 Wrote:
Mar 02, 2013 5:45 PM
The last thing anyone should be doing on a 'conservative' site is providing links to this moron. Perhaps a one line article: "CNN picks another loser: Piers Morgan's ratings dive lower than his IQ. Hurray!" Intelligent people know why his ratings are sinking. Saying anything more is too much information for the low information non-thinking person with a nerve ganglion instead of a functioning brain. Non-compos mentis drooling nitwits don't need to be given more opportunities to be hazed. Face it folks, conservatives are ignored by the MSM. When they talk about 'em they mock 'em. That's why the message doesn't get out. Conservative media should ignore the left except to make an example of them. Mock 'em, knock 'em and kick 'em.