Arley2 Wrote:
Mar 02, 2013 1:06 PM
What bugs me is that Obama and Congress are going absolutely bonkers over NOT a cut, but a spending reduction from anticipated spending of 2.4% That's the equivalent of reducing a family budget spending of about only a couple of thousand bucks per annum. Brought down to a family level, it goes something like this. 1. Family income (revenue) let's say for purposes of an example = 50,000 bucks per year. 2. Family SPENDING = $100,000. 3. Reduction planned = 2.4% of spending = $2,400. 4. Revised spending plan = $97,600. 5. Revenue still = $50,000 6. Added debt beyond revenue = $47,600. I don't know of any family that would be stupid enough to do THAT!