william1010 Wrote:
Mar 01, 2013 11:49 PM
Is anyone asking whether the Obamacare taxes (and their effects) are worth the Sequester cuts? Not exactly apples to apples, but Obama has never been troubled with such trivia (when his agenda is at risk). Reality says: Almost no one grasps the cost of Obamacare (not the cost of expanding health coverage to the unhealthy and low income - but the inept way O-care asserts it has to happen), so wouldn't a President (almost any other than 'O) try everything to lessen the impact of Sequestration? Particularly when Obamacare is bearing down like the Titanic on a dingy!! There comes a point when the desire to spend to bloat the size of government should become obvious, even to the MSM. Doesn't there?