FinalRac Wrote:
Mar 01, 2013 4:00 PM
Our Mussolini on the Potomac, our Liar in Chief is lucky and it is sad for America, that a majority of our voters, the 53%, lap up his lies that all faults are the GOP's fault. The End times did not occur and will not but....Bama will get away with blaming the Pubs for any disaster and the Idiots will lap it up with the aid of the MSM. I would say, the GOP should go on a jihad against the Dems and Bama but their advisors would say, oh no, we don't want to appear mad. Frankly, they should appear mad and do something about it by going after every Dem day and night. The Indies will not mind and the Moron Voters may have a small %change its mind about the goodness of every Obama agenda. A shift of a few votes could aid the Pubs in the 2013-14