AmericanObserver Wrote:
Mar 01, 2013 12:54 PM
What a hideous "column." Notice Krauthhammer, Doherty, Townhall only emphasize the 'political' and 'budget' impact of the sequester. That is all they can do because their singular job is to misinform and divert attention from the REAL problem: jobs and employment. The continual (and apparent, successful) conflation of 'budget deficit' with 'economic development' only hurts working class Americans, which of course, Townhall doesn't care about since their job is to make oil company and bank executives richer. Sadly, the looney right wing disinformation machine remains in effect. And, oh yes, there is no climate change, and poor people and Barney Frank caused the banks to collapse! Ignorance remains supreme on the right.