GhostOfCicero Wrote:
Feb 28, 2013 7:47 PM
Some Lethally Stupid Person Wrote: "Is Russia socialist? I know Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Israel are socialist but Russia seems to be more of an autocratic democracy hybrid." If you need to ask that question seriously, then you truly are lethally stupid. You DO realize that, right? And Lois, why don't you ask all the journalists, punk rockers & businessmen whom benign ole Vlad had thrown in the clink. Yeah, nevermind the fact that Vlad is an ex KGB officer. I'm sure he's a DIE HARD capitalist & conservative. Kinda like Hitler was, right? Good G*d almighty, if either of the 2 of y'all had a thought, I'm sure it would die of loneliness.