jafo2me Wrote:
Feb 28, 2013 7:36 PM
The African American community has lived their entire lives circling the wagons around anyone who appears to be African, like them, "UNLESS" it involves only blacks and then they don't give a sh**!!! That is why they vote for a crack head or a crook or an idiot, foul mouthed, racists like Maxime Waters!! You reap what you sow!! These are the choices you "ALL" make to live that way and vote that way and feel as if you are protecting each other that way against white injustice!! SO I am here to help you dissuade your anger!! Do not hate me or the people who post here that appear “WHITE” to you!!! “YOU” need to direct your anger at the very people who “Instituted” and “financed” the slave trade who were the “Evil” masters behind it “ALL.”