GodsavethePeasants Wrote:
Feb 28, 2013 4:56 PM
You are not looking out for me , Bill the bloviating self-serving coward. Yes,. you are a coward to actually speak truth to power, as you want to always suck up to new fools who will possibly buy your books or boost your ratings at the expense of our rights and our economy. If you want to derisively call all of us 'ideologues' who believe in the Constitution as intended and/or conservative ideals and hold fast to our bibles, our guns, and our American heritage with all the rights that bestows on us, then go ahead. But don't claim YOU are speaking for any of US when you are constantly backing off any fight with Obama, his minions or any other 'hip' people so as to look like a hipster yourself. Young socialite wife syndrome,perhaps?