Dante9 Wrote:
Feb 28, 2013 3:03 PM
Vent. Vent. And vent somemore, dudes. Your rants, your sermons, your editorials, your holier-than-thou religious denounciations and EVERY damn argument you and your unevolved and unaccepting kind are losing in the court of law, and very soon at the Supreme level, and in the court of public opinion, as all the polls now show and increasingly will. You lost the cause because it was never one that had legitimacy beyond some over-emphasis on what's "natural", what's "historic and what's "God's will". None of that holds water in the Constitution as far as due process and equal rights go. But alas you won't ever believe that even when written in stone. Venting is as venting does. In this regard, stupidily so. Very stupidly.