rmorckel Wrote:
Feb 27, 2013 1:43 PM
More distractions from Speaker John Boehner using "Jazz Hands". All Speaker John O'Boehner is doing here is Wanting to Get this Attack on the Republic DONE and Move On to The Next One! Are you slow, or just Dull? The correct response to Cave-In Speaker John O'Boehner is, "Cave In Speaker John O'Boehner !!! You Get Off Your Cowardly Complicit Accommodating Traitor BUTT and De-FUND HEALTH CARE HELL ! Defend The 2nd Amendment, Defend the REPUBLIC, You and ERIC CANTOR, and milk toast Paul RYAN, And Senator McCain, Behind Closed Doors Senator Tom Coburn, paper tiger Senator Graham. Republicans are 1st IN LINE, Against This Republic, Running THE REAR GUARD Action, Protecting Attacks on this Republic. Air Cover provided by Daytime Talk Radio