Kilroys Wrote:
Feb 27, 2013 10:01 AM
There were Benghazi survivors who saw the full 7 plus hour massacre and what lead up to it. These survivors had communications with DC, our military and intel orgs through out the ordeal. But none of the survivors have given testimony or been heard from. Why is that? SEAL Team 6 that took down OBL has had 2 come public…one in a book and one in interview in the SF Chronicle. Those guys couldn't be muzzled and they've a huge target on their backs. Benghazi survivors can’t be muzzled forever…they will one day sooner than later, come public with the real story of who know what and when. Obama and SOS Clinton’s narrative of the YouTube ‘scuse will be shown to be a campaign distraction that cost American lives. ___‹~›__‹(•¿•)›__‹~›___