LouisianaMan225 Wrote:
Feb 26, 2013 10:40 PM
In Louisiana, we'll have your eastern flank covered. "It's just that simple!" MS will have ours, the AL, then GA, SC, the list goes on. OK will have you on the north, for sure. Rural NM and AZ won't sit on their hands, either. Can Detroit control rural Michigan, or Chicago control Illinois? No, not when push comes to shove--the sleeping giant will awaken. Individual states can decide whether to wall off or search & clear their flaky cities: SF, L.A., NYC, Chicago, Atlanta, or whatever. When we stop having to give them everybody else's money, we can build good interstate loops around them and carry on quite nicely while they rot on the vine. I'm sure that Occupy, ACORN et al. will do a great job running those cesspools.