Notabusingthesystem Wrote:
Feb 26, 2013 10:59 AM
For all of you people who think people on food stamps are just freeloaders and don't want to get a job you are wrong I am on food stamps & I am not a freeloader I am a battered woman whose ex husband beat me and held me and my children hostage at gun point. My ex husband beat me so badly that I have had constant migraine since then, I have blurred vision and memory loss I also have PTSD and suffer from severe depression. I am on welfare while my application for disability is pending. My ex husband is on probation he spent a total of 9 days in jail & he does not pay his court ordered child support. I had no choice but go on welfare to support my 2 kids (6 and 10). The government sends me $479 a month cash to live off of & $432 of food stamps