C R A C K E R B A B Y Wrote:
Feb 26, 2013 7:35 AM
Your point being? My wife is FBI (full blooded Indian). While getting her Ph.D. She endured terrible abuse from a couple of liberal bully profs who docked her grade for daring to stand up and call BS on their prog nonsense. She was told by one of them, a frumpy feminazi whose biggest problem with her wasn't that she was conservative or Native Alaskan, but that she was a hottie who liked femininity, that her notions would ground her in the real world and she'd never amount to anything. That prof is still frumpy, alone, and drawing an associate prof's meager check at a public university all these years later. The target of her ire was a corporate VP by age 37 and is still a hottie who out-earns that prof nearly 4 to 1.