Rick4099 Wrote:
Feb 25, 2013 7:02 AM
"Honoring Successful Black Americans" Terry Paulson; Congradulations on your foresight! Continue to fan the flames of discrimination! Honoring "successful black", does not, in your wildest dreams; Honorable! What it does do; ic continues to widen the gap between our "colors'! The simple use of "black' , OR "White", in any discription of ANYTHING, just perpetuates the racial divide! Are we not ALL, Americans? We will NEVER homologize as a Nation, until the "color" , or the lack of it, is eliminated from ALL reports! Focus on the other fact; TWO Languages! TWO sets of measurements! TWO, sets of Signing! TWO sets of confusion! What are the problems in our "United" states? Do the discriptions mean anything?