scJazz Wrote:
Feb 21, 2013 2:31 PM
Principle 1) Cave in to the Tea Party and Libertarians who represent the "Fiscally Responsible" Wing of the Republican Caucus. Principle 2) What you do in your own bedroom is between "You and God". Also it is a State right... Marriage is a contract in exactly the same way any other contract works and exists at the State level. Principle 3) We are not the party of deficit spending to "Buy Guns instead of Paying Welfare". We have been fighting 2 wars for 10 years. Not one penny of which was paid for... just borrowed from China. Principle 4) As was mentioned in a TH post... We will actually shrink government! Like for real! Like Coolidge did and no other Republican has done. Budget X upon entering office... Budget Y<X when leaving!