GlennB1951 Wrote:
Feb 21, 2013 8:48 AM
I voted AWESOME on the article and would have done the same on most of the posts! Several were bordering on treasonous. While I agreed in principal, their talk will if not already, get them on the " Big Brother watch list". I own guns and am a NRA member. Loose lips sink ships and get you on the "Watch List"!!! "1984" wasn't that the Orwellian novel??? Big Bother, etal!!!! I find it incredulous that NYC and Chicago, both of which have some of the "Most Stringent" gun laws ever and passing more as we speak, also have some of the most outrageous gun crime statistics in the country! OXYMORON????????? They should in fact be poster boys for why gun control DOESN'T WORK!!!!!!! ASININE to the max!!!!!!!