FinalRac Wrote:
Feb 20, 2013 8:08 PM
Today, there were so many inane Dem comments on the use of guns to defend oneself : rape, students, in malls, at home, women at work, teachers. The liberal answer: call boxes, pens, judo, not prayer of course, 9-1-1 calls as you bolt the door////in a house breakn. The answers , as Kerry's frist foreign policy speech on...climate change, seem out of the universe in common sense and disjointed, silly, and damning to American security. At least Biden said, get a shot gun. This attack on the NRA, the Const, police forces, home defense efforts sounds more like Fascist or Communist hate rather than a policy by anyone American. One now wonders if these liberal Dems are demonically possessed. OK, just morons.