Abe Froman Wrote:
Feb 20, 2013 2:42 AM
Biden just proves again what a moron he is. In fact, for home defense, shotguns are HARDER to use. You have to aim a shotgun just the same as a rifle, and a riot-gun style shotgun with an open choke will have very little spread to the pattern at inside-a-room range. You can't just point it and shoot. And a shotgun has a stout recoil that makes it difficult for some people to control. Even for skilled shooters, there will be a longer recovery time between shots. No, Joe, the fact of the matter is a carbine-length AR-15 is in many ways the most ideal home defense gun available. It is short and handy, reliable, has very little recoil, and the 5.56mm bullet tends to fragment after hitting walls and not overpenetrate.