kid721952 Wrote:
Feb 19, 2013 6:32 PM
Republicans are fighting 1/2 of congress,all of the senate and all of the white house,republicans stand for conservative policies,policies that will bring jobs back,companies back to the states,what has the democratic party given us,obamacare which will cost a family of 5 $20,000 a year,higher taxes,more government control,more government jobs,they've armed the enemy(egypt) with our tax dollars,NO BUDGET in 4 years,out of control spending,bad foreign relations,innocent Americans being killed in benghazi and on the border,FAST&FURIOUS,an enemy of Israel in Hagel and an islamist in brenan,more illegal amnesty,no secure borders,no illegal deportations,eric holder as head of the DOJ,Napalitano as head of DHS and of course,a MUSLIUM in the white