denhir Wrote:
Feb 19, 2013 8:20 AM
about who his real father was. He has falsely maintained that he is an “Obama” when he is a “Davis.” A-Martin embarrassed the NY-Times and ran circles around the MSM, and they don’t like it. Obama unleashed his mud merchants to smear AM, and only succeeded in making him a larger presence in the 2008 campaign. When AM left for Honolulu, Obama hadn't been there in a while, and his grandmother was already in the hospital without any noticeable concern on his part. He was planning nothing. No MSM had ever conducted any investigation in Honolulu. The minute A-M team started digging, everyone started paying attention and, surprise, Obama landed in his jet to visit his real (white) grandmother. Wonders never cease. Miraculously, she'd made