denhir Wrote:
Feb 19, 2013 8:18 AM
Davis, who did give his son many dreams and pointed him in the direction of Chicago, where Davis still had many contacts and longstanding relationships. When you plug Davis into the “puzzles” about Obama, there are no longer any “puzzles” or ?'s. The pieces all fit together nicely. Which brings us to Obama’s BC. Obama has lied to the American people. Lied. Yes, lied. He is lying as you read this. He has released a piece of paper that is merely a computerized print-out from a data base. AM provided a copy of a 1963-style BC to the TV network. Obama has concealed the original typewritten 1961 doc, it was not computer-printed as shown on “” Of course A-Martin's revelation about Obama’s real father irritated some Dems, Cons !