denhir Wrote:
Feb 19, 2013 7:24 AM
-Nutrition-Svc to furnish materials relating to this USDA-Mex-FS-Partnership-Prgrm, expenditure of taxpayer-$$, such as SNAP literature that is being distributed through Mex-Cons-ofcs. Despite these requests, that material has not been provided. --Sen-J-S Stonewalling is seemingly the preferred tactic of every agncy of the Obama-admin. J-S therefore went on to request a series of materials about the USDA-Mex-program from Vilsack. J-S also asked a series of ?'s, 1 about USDA-FS-illegal-aliens: "Under current regs illegal-aliens may only obtain FS-benefits for their home if other mbrs there are deemed eligible. States must determine these facts 1st. In some-States, If an Illegal attests that they're a US-citizen the State must accept !"