mtraina Wrote:
Feb 19, 2013 5:45 AM
FORMAL REQUEST: SPLC PLEASE RELEASE Your DONORS LIST 2 THE PUBLIC! PUBLIC NOTICE: "CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT" against the "SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER!" (TERM 1) Your DONORS have cost the Lives of American Citizens and continue to put American Lives at Risk, therefore, American Citizens have the Civil Right to know the Names of your Contributors and how much each one of them contributed and for how long. TERM 2) I am FORMALLY DEMANDING that you take down you "HATE GROUP MAP" immediately, failure to do so will be at your own Legal PERIL! ((((LEGAL NOTICE POSTED ON-LINE ON (02-19-2013)))) To: Mr. Morris Dees FROM: fatuous1 I am currently in the Process of Filing a Class Action Lawsuit against the SPLC. I am demanding that your Center re