DurangoKid Wrote:
Feb 19, 2013 12:11 AM
Matt Barber...you have a new fan!! You, sir, have hit it out of the park in understanding the Dimwit-in-Chief. He may be academically intelligent, but is an ignoramus societally, militarily, and politically. Now, does he understand what he is doing.....you damn well know he does. He is overseeing the "wussification" of the military which is part of his overall strategy to wussify all of America into his majesty's image (transformed). He did it with the U.S. Supreme Court by nominating a racist 'Latino' woman, then a dyke who has NEVER even been so much as a lower court judge. This is intentional in order to diminish the importance of the Supremes. He is diminishing the Congress by issuing Executive Orders by the dozens.