Chris2189 Wrote:
Feb 18, 2013 8:52 PM
Example, let's use 2009 since that's a year we keep discussing... 2009 (Jan)131627 (Feb)131387 (Mar)131249 (Apr)131429 (May)131697 (Jun)131510 (Jul)129910 (Aug)129786 (Sept)130144 (Oct)130741 (Nov)130787 (Dec)130242 (Annual)130876 average the 12 months and you get 130875.75. Seems suspiciously close to the 130876 number that's in the annual column doesn't it? Plus for your theory to be correct you're saying that somehow 600k jobs appeared between the Dec number and the "annual" number. While Obama has created jobs, no single month has hit anything like 600k jobs.