71 911E, TX Wrote:
Feb 18, 2013 6:18 PM
I guess Congress was fooled by the intelligence information that said Hussein had WMD's. And the 50,000 Kurds who were killed by chemical weapons. And "365/366 days a week' is either a lot or .99 days a week-Year? Jeez, read your comments before you post them . And remember, he's an employee who work those long hours and many days- wait, he and his family spent over a billion dollars on vacations in one year, when the U.K.'s royal family spent a relatively miniscule $63 million. The SOTU was an hour of claptrap. He said little about the economy, unemployment, or anything that would help the economy (like getting gubmint out of the way). Instead he talked about more taxing and spending. You are officially in the nimrod club with him.