mtraina Wrote:
Feb 18, 2013 3:46 PM
PUBLIC NOTICE: CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT: U.S. CITIZENS vs. THE SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, MR. MORRIS DEES AND HIS BAND OF HENCH MEN AND WOMEN. The SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER is a "HATE GROUP"! In Fact, anyone who disagrees with the SPLC's Political, Social and Ultra Liberal Stances gets placed on their "HATE GROUPS" ON-LINE MAP, as well as, their Pictures Posted all over CNN, MSNBC or some other leftist news media outlet! If you or an organization that you work with has been TARGETED by the SPLC as a "HATE GROUP" you or your organization may qualify to "JOIN" a "CLASS ACTION LAW SUIT" aimed at Mr. Morris Dees and his Henchmen and Women over at the Southern Poverty Law Center. Call today to assess your "CLAIM STATUS": (504) 723-8261 M