Martin96 Wrote:
Feb 18, 2013 10:44 AM
Okay a little dose of reality. NO ONE, man nor woman can say how they will react during first contact. The first time you have a live round fired at you in anger is life changing. I have seen people who thought they were Audey Murphy curl up and cry, while "nerds" who I thought would run stood their ground and fought like Iwo Jima Marines. Saying that because a person is a woman she will not fight as dirty as a man is IGNORANT. It also DEFIES HISTORY. REPEAT AFTER ME.. STALINGRAD, KURSK, SEELOW HEIGHTS and 10,000 other russian front battles where woman cut men into pieces with knives and shovels, where a woman was the #1 SNIPER in the entire war. Are Mr and Mrs John Q Public ready for little brandy to come home in a body bag? Probably not